The Personal Branding Freedom Model is a 3-days conceptual course which will prepare you to start developing your Personal Brand the right way. You will learn how to Develop, Launch, Monetize and Scale your Personal Brand .

Developing your Personal Brand will not only help you immediately in your current career or business but will also help you use your expertise, skills and passion to start a side -hustle or a full time online business by marketing your own products or services or others products and services as an affiliate.

Along with this course, you will get 5 more courses as bonuses and support to help you get started to get more clarity on your Vision, Mission and USP , Niche identification and Clarity on your unique path to follow for generating an independent income and starting your journey towards Freedom.

This bundle is not available for purchase.

Hi, I’m Vandana

I am a Personal Branding Strategist and a Digital Entrepreneur.

After a long corporate career spanning almost three decades in Information Technology and Education companies, I ventured into the field of online marketing and Personal Branding.

I am on a mission to help 100,000 people build their Personal brand and create a life of Freedom doing what they love by sharing their special gift with the world and that is why I have created Winbrand Academy.